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Session 3

15:10-15:40 The Norwegian clinical guideline for diagnosis and treatment of tongue-ties – Solveig T. Holmsen MD, MPH; Tine Greve Midwife IBCLC 15:40-16:10 Support and impact on rate and length of breastfeeding – Hallfríður Kristín Jónsdóttir Nurse B.Sc, Midwife M.Sc. IBCLC 16:10-16:40 The effects of early pacifier use on breastfeeding: A randomised controlled trial – Åsa Hermanson RNM  

Session 2

13:20-13:50 Issues of tongue-tie and breastfeeding – Sonja Magnúsdóttir CCC-SLP 13:50-14:50 The Danish National Guideline on tongue-tie – Marianne Busck-Rasmussen  Health visitor, MPH, IBCLC; Bente Dalsgaard, Nurse, IBCLC; Charlotte Guiliani, Chiropractor, M.Sc.; Ingrid Nilsson,Nurse, Ph.D, IBCLC

Session 1

11:00-11:30 Parenting stress in the early years – the impact of breastfeeding stress, self-efficacy, and social support for women in Finland and the UK – Dr. Vivien Swanson, Reader in Health Psychology; Dr. Leena Hannula, Senior Lecturer 11:30 -12:00 Mindfulness and self-compassion- Am I good enough? – Helena Bragadóttir RN, BSc